My lab has been using AffiPro columns for HDX-MS since they became available.The AffiPro column portfolio has provided us with a wide range of different protease options with outstanding reproducibility, as well as reliable, long-term performance.

John R. Engen, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor and James L. Waters Chair in Analytical Chemistry
Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Northeastern University

The aim of the company is to offer qualitatively better supporting technologies for life science mass spectrometry using novel affinity approaches and smarter fine-tuned surface chemistry.The current product portfolio includes protease columns for LC-MS and protein chips for in-situ sample preparation in MALDI-MS.

AffiPro s.r.o and Waters Technologies Corporation have entered into a joint co-marketing and co-promotion agreement. This mutual partnership provides both companies with sharing of marketing collateral and other promotional materials for distribution to their commercial teams and customers. The parties mutually agree to create joint promotional material in connection with their products for Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS) and support each other’s development and sales activities in this area.

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