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MALDI plate

AffiPro ambient reactive landing technology allows immobilizing proteins on dry conductive and semiconductive surfaces (including metal oxides and conductive polymers) even if they are nonreactive under conditions of standard wet chemistry. The protein arrays prepared by this technique are fully compatible with MALDI ionization because the substrates are conductive and durable enough to be used directly as MALDI plates. Compared to other materials, the nonreactive surfaces do not contaminate MALDI ion sources and show minimal nonspecific interactions with other chemical species present in the investigated sample. The sample prep is performed directly on the MALDI plate, a concept often described as “lab-on-a-plate” workflow.

Our MALDI chips

The MALDI plates (chips) are typically prepared as 2x8 array on standard MALDI ITO glass compatible with ITO imaging MALDI holder or on a conductive plastic substrate compatible with holder for MBT Biotarget 96 or MBT Biotarget 48. Other geometries and substrate materials can be offered up on request.

If you are interested in AffiPro MALDI plates or in ambient ion landing technology for modification of your own surfaces please contact us at info@affipro.cz




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AffiPro is launching a new column hardware for Waters systems. As a benefit of co-marketing agreement with Waters, we are launching new series of our columns that have compatible fittings with Waters threads and 2.1x20mm dimensions. This new product line will be available in combination with all AffiPro enzymatic stationary phases. It is a useful addition to our currently available generic 2.1x20mm and 1.0x20mm hardware for customers who use chiefly Waters systems.

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