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Enzyme columns

John R. Engen, Ph.D.

My lab has been using AffiPro columns for HDX-MS since they became available.

The AffiPro column portfolio has provided us with a wide range of different protease options with outstanding reproducibility, as well as reliable, long-term performance.

John R. Engen, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor and James L. Waters Chair in Analytical Chemistry
Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Northeastern University

Mike Guttman, Ph.D.

We’ve been using AffiPro protease columns for several years now.

They have been consistently reliable and remarkably durable. With the availability of a robust glycanase column we now also have a simple approach to improve sequence coverage for glycoproteins.

Mike Guttman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Washington

Available enzymes

Optimization of protein digestion is a key step in the overall HDX experiment. Spatial resolution and complete protein sequence coverage are the crucial parameters necessary for obtaining useful structural information.

AffiPro offers a set of different types of enzyme columns for on-line digestion with different cleavage preferences.

The selection of enzyme column or their combination together with smart choice of denaturant agents and flow rate boosts digestion performance and allows to achieve full coverage of the protein sequence with many overlapping peptides.



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AffiPro is launching a new column hardware for Waters systems. As a benefit of co-marketing agreement with Waters, we are launching new series of our columns that have compatible fittings with Waters threads and 2.1x20mm dimensions. This new product line will be available in combination with all AffiPro enzymatic stationary phases. It is a useful addition to our currently available generic 2.1x20mm and 1.0x20mm hardware for customers who use chiefly Waters systems.

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